Negotiation Skills and How to Do a Deal

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Wise deal negotiation tips are all about getting the deal done and getting a signature on that contract. Learning how to do a deal comes down to focus and simplicity.  If you want a good business outcome, work towards that goal. Don’t get distracted. Your aim should be to efficiently and effectively get business deals […]

Director Guarantees Explained


  Director Guarantees are serious undertakings and it is important to understand the consequences that may result. You’ve probably come across a request for a Director Guarantee if you are a company director and the company has applied for a lease, loan or other finance. It is not unknown that a finance company or real […]


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No binding legal agreement can be formed without the presence of at least one drop of consideration. If a person makes a gratuitous promise it will not be binding unless something is exchanged or “buys” that promise. That extra element given to acquire an undertaking – either to do something or not to do something […]

How to Do a Deal – Deal Documents

How to Do a Deal - Deal Documentation

Whether you’re selling your business, buying a business, signing-up for a project, or finalising any other deal, the first step is to get a good overview of the deal in your own mind. This is a crucial component of how to do a deal. Always remember basic concepts and keep reverting to a macro view […]

Deal Building Tools

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The documents discussed below are the basic deal building tools you can use to build any deal. They can be used to lay the foundation and then to structure the deal. Most importantly, if you use them along with negotiation skills, you can ensure you land the deal. You will find them useful to: establish the parameters of […]

Legal Terminology Made Simple

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Here are a few tips that may help to demystify legal terminology so you can cut through the jargon. I hope these tips help you to use business terminology more accurately. Joint Venture / Partnership / Alliance The terms joint venture and partnership have very serious legal implications. Unless you mean to use them in […]