Call for a Hidden Cash Recall

$100 Aussie

Too often during election campaigns we are told that services valued in our communities need to be cut or delayed in order to balance the government’s finances. We are told health services must be trimmed. Despite the appalling suicide rates we are told some mental health services in rural communities are not financially viable. Schools […]

Managing Technology’s Challenges


Privacy and the Eroded Right to be Left Alone In 1890, Samuel Warren and Louis Brandeis (later a U.S. Supreme Court Judge) wrote a Harvard Law Review article on the ‘right to be left alone’. This foundation stone for privacy law seems more pertinent than ever. In recent years, Google has faced a number of […]

Smart Contract Challenges


Smart contract technology will transform our lives. Couple it with the other truly stunning advances in technology and we are all in for a frighteningly wild ride in the coming decades. Yes, you may have detected a note of fear. While I am a technology geek, I still have sincere concerns about how we will […]

The Blockchain Cometh


How Quickly Things Change In roughly six months, Bitcoin ‘veterans’ have seen our infant industry transition from alleged lunacy to hyper-hype. Undoubtedly, there is a certain ‘I told you so’ satisfaction about the immense potential of blockchain technology finally being recognised. After all, gloating is a well-established human foible. I don’t want to spoil the […]

Easier FinTech Path to Market

A map of the world, showing  the British Empire coloured  in red at the end of the  nineteenth century.      Date: late 19th century

Easier FinTech Path to Market By Mark Toohey The Memorandum of Understanding (“MOU”) recently signed between the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (“FCA”) and the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (“ASIC”) was arguably a world first. The MOU broke new ground because two major regulatory bodies had agreed to co-operate, share data and recognise each other’s […]

The Right to Innovate


Sometimes we ask the wrong question and miss an important opportunity. The recent strident demands for an investigation into collusion by Australian banks against Bitcoin businesses was misdirected. Investigation Findings The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (“ACCC”) investigation found the banks did not collude when they closed down the accounts of a number of a […]

Winston Churchill


The man voted England’s Man of the Millennium was a person of enormous complexity: aristocrat; war correspondent; prisoner of war; politician; wartime leader; and architect of modern Europe. He did it all! He saw active duty in five foreign battlefields (including active duty on the Western Front after he was dumped from the helm of […]

The Importance of Business Valuations

Up, Up and Away by Bob Jagendorf

“If business schools could offer just one course, it would not be on stock trading, the efficient market hypothesis or modern portfolio theory. Rather, B-schools should be encouraging students to learn the boring, but critically important, discipline of business valuation.” Warren Buffett I couldn’t go past this quote from Warren Buffet that so neatly points […]

Are Your Business Ideas Burning Your Brain


Great business ideas are a wonderful thing. There is tremendous energy in finding yourself passionately believing in an idea. It is one of the great creative moments of life. A lot of satisfaction and fulfilment can be squeezed out of the creative challenge of dreaming up a new business. The big question though is: What […]

American Caesar: Douglas MacArthur

Douglas Macarthur by US National Archives

American Caesar By William Manchester Rating: Gold Few lives have been writ larger in human history than the life of Douglas MacArthur. While legions of critics denounced him, there were times when MacArthur was one of the most popular people in America. He had a tendency towards theatrics and was suspected of majestic aspirations. Some […]