Patent Protection Tips

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In Australia, any assignment of a patent by the holder/patentee or applicant for grant of patent must be in writing and signed by both: a) the assignor (the one transferring the right); and b) the assignee (the one receiving the right). If more than one person is recorded as the patentee, the written consent of […]

Benefits of Trade Mark Registration

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Registration of a trade mark gives protection that you will not get from registering a business name, company name or a domain name. When you register a business, company or domain name it does not give you an automatic right to use that name as a trade mark. Other people may have the right to […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Domain Name Issues

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Securing a good domain name starts with an understanding of the various domain name registries. Unless you are careful you may be robbed of a great name before you can secure it. The need for swift action is explained below. The four steps to securing a domain name are also set out below. Domain Name […]

Four Ways to Protect Your Trading Name

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There are four ways you can protect your trading name: 1. Trade Mark; 2. Company Name; and 3. Business Name; and 4. Domain name. A trade mark arguably offers the best protection, but each protective measure has its own uses and benefits. When deciding whether to take on the cost of domain name registration you […]

Why Protect Intellectual Property?

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 The long term benefits from protecting your intellectual property rights are undeniable. However, until you get a good grasp on how you can protect a business name and your other intellectual property protection, it can all seem too hard. While protecting your intellectual property is not easy and there is cost involved, valuable long term benefits will […]

How to Protect Intellectual Property

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Unfortunately few people understand why due diligence is important. They don’t realise due diligence can be a clever way of increasing the value of a business. If you properly prepare for due diligence you can literally make money from your efforts. A satisfactory due diligence finding may enable you to get a higher price from a purchaser […]