How to Avoid Litigation

Warbird Crash by Armchair Aviator

Disputes rarely depend on the facts. They are often more about the personalities involved. That is why it is always a tough call to predict how they other party will act. Particularly, if there is a lot of fire in their belly. How that can translate into action is always uncertain. If the trading relationship […]

Economic Myths Fatigue – I’ve Switched Off. Have You?

Three Wise Monkey's by Anderson Mancini

I’ve switched off listening to the litany of economic myths that litter the media. Am I alone in refusing to listen to the ‘learned’ economists? In the hit movie Network, the character played by Peter Finch stuck his head out a window and screamed “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore”. I […]

Amazing Technology

Obama by Christopher Ditts

Every so often along comes an amazing technology that just takes your breath away. The raw power of the Gigapan technology simply astounds me. Have a look at the individual faces of each person attending the Obama inauguration. Or, be stunned by the ability to read the number plate on a car that (without zoom) is […]

An Image Can Change Your Destiny

Gull against the sea by sub_lime79

Ideas and imagery have an amazing ability to influence our minds. History is studded with examples of the power an image can influence on the human spirit. Millions have fought and died in the name of a flag, religion or monarchy. Thankfully, there are also countless examples of bravery, kindness or endurance that were the […]

ZMOT and How Google Changed Marketing Rules Forever


Have you changed in the way you buy things? If you are anything like the rest of us then you now use the Internet to help you make purchase decisions whether you are intending to buy a car, washing machine or even smaller items. If you plead guilty to such behaviour, then you are far […]

Drug Policy Lunacy – The Unspoken Debate

Alcatraz Guard Tower

Current drug policy is collective nonsense. When will we acknowledge we’ve lost the war on drugs? Despite countless millions spent on enforcement and eradication, our cities are awash with illegal substances. Prohibition on drugs has met the similar fate as the 1920s war on alcohol – utter failure. It was refreshing to read David Marr’s […]

Working Mothers – the Nation’s Most Undervalued Resource


Working mothers deserve to be angry that their economic worth is so undervalued. Mention resources and the concept of digging holes in the ground and shipping minerals come to mind. There is far more to the resources that make up a modern economy. What about the human resources of a significant segment of the population […]

Smart Taxation Ideas


Most of us already accept the wisdom of tobacco taxes which have the dual benefit of raising revenue and discouraging consumption of a product that places enormous costs on the health system. In contrast, critics oppose the taxation of income and other desirable social outcomes and argue that our tax system should more effectively target […]