Bomb Book and Compass – Joseph Needham’s Research


Bomb, Book and Compass By Simon Winchester Rating: Silver Understanding the depth of China’s history seems particularly important as we enter the Asian Century. Winchester, in his entertaining style, takes us on a discovery of  Chinese scientific progress through the ages. The book was released with an alternative title, The Man who Loved China. It […]

American Caesar: Douglas MacArthur

Douglas Macarthur by US National Archives

American Caesar By William Manchester Rating: Gold Few lives have been writ larger in human history than the life of Douglas MacArthur. While legions of critics denounced him, there were times when MacArthur was one of the most popular people in America. He had a tendency towards theatrics and was suspected of majestic aspirations. Some […]

The Perils of Currency Wars and Financial Crises

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Currency Wars: The Making of the Next Global Crisis By James Rickards Rating: Gold The Pentagon recently conducted its first war game where the battlefield was the global financial markets. Gold, currencies, stocks, bonds, derivatives, and other financial instruments were the only weapons deployed. The author was selected to advise on strategic planning and to select Wall Street experts […]

Why Civilisations Rise and Fall Important Lessons for Today


Civilisation By Niall Ferguson Rating: Gold This book could significantly change your thinking. Few books dare tackle really big questions. Even fewer contain enough wisdom or understanding to alter your perceptions. Ferguson dares to answer some of the great questions of history. They are very relevant to the current global realities. He delivers a well-argued […]

The Swerve: How the World Became Modern


The Swerve: How the World Became Modern By Stephen Goldblatt Rating: Silver Winner of the 2012 Pulitzer Prize for Non-Fiction Winner of the 2011 National Book Award for Non-Fiction This book details one of the pivotal events in history. Around 600 years ago, a papal secretary trekked to a distant monastery in search of rare […]

A Heavy Toll – the Ferocious Guadalcanal Naval Battles


Neptune’s Inferno: The US at Guadalcanal By James D. Hornfischer Rating: Silver We are taken step by step, in staggering detail, through the grim struggles for the now legendary South Pacific island of Guadalcanal. The Marines barely held on to win a victory in this first major land battle for US forces after Pearl Harbour. Their […]

Highly Recommended TED Talks

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          TED- Startling Statistics on Poverty   TED-Bonobos – Our Wise Cousins

Bonobos – Our Wise Cousins

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Animals may not only be more intelligent than we previously thought, but Bonobos prove they are far wiser too. Bonobos, the closest cousin to our species, can understand spoken sentences, use tools and even write using symbols. Here is video evidence of an ape that lives a peaceful co-operative existence. A way of living that is in […]

Startling Statistics – Rosling’s Genius

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I confess to being a rabid fan and urge you visit the site if you are yet to be swept away by the brilliance of this font of knowledge. There are many gems to be found in Ted’s archive, but this talk by Hans Rosling has to be one of my favourites. I’ve watched […]

How Salt Dominated World Economics

Salt by Dullhunk

Salt: A World History By Mark Kurlansky Rating: Gold Salt had the economic significance of oil for most of human history. Understand that fact, and the history of salt suddenly becomes a fascinating insight into war, revolution and the collapse of empires. This book literally changed my understanding of the how humble old salt shaped […]