How to Avoid Litigation

Warbird Crash by Armchair Aviator

Disputes rarely depend on the facts. They are often more about the personalities involved. That is why it is always a tough call to predict how they other party will act. Particularly, if there is a lot of fire in their belly. How that can translate into action is always uncertain. If the trading relationship […]

Dangers of Discounting

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If you are thinking of joining Groupon or a similar discount program be wary. The sales pitch sounds good and the lure of new customers is understandable, but you must get the maths right. Many businesses have ended up on the rocks because they didn’t understand all the costs that went into the sale of […]

Insolvent Trading Signs

Danger,Keep Out, Hazard Area by Thomas Hawk

Insolvent trading is an extremely serious issue for a company and the civil and criminal consequences can be devastating for the company directors. The Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) is the corporate watchdog regulating corporate behaviour. They list the following danger signs of when a company may be at risk of insolvent trading. •  […]

Insolvent Trading Dangers

Wind force by Jordi Armengol (Xip)

Insolvent trading is an extremely serious issue for both a company and the company directors. Corporate collapses are increasing and the current turbulence in international finances warns of greater danger ahead. If a company continues to trade while it is insolvent, the consequences can be devastating for the directors. In Australia, trading while insolvent can […]

A Price War Make No Cents

The Moon in the Sink by Gianni Dominici

Whether you start a price war or respond to one, you will pay heavily in more ways than one if you ever discount your prices. The Dangers of Discounting are clear. A small discount has a huge impact on your profit margin and you will have to work very hard to recover the potential profits […]

Failure Statistics


While any statistics deserve a measure of cynicism, these stats may provide some interesting indicators of positive commercial trends. The Small Business Administration identified the overlapping causes for small business failure in the United States in 1999. It released the findings of its “Financial Difficulties of Small Businesses and Reasons for Their Failure” study. The […]

Embracing Failure – Stallone

Regardless of what I think of the travesties that formed the tail-end of the Rocky series, I’m in complete awe of the persistence Stallone showed to get into the movies. I doubt I have that much ticker. Stallone endured years of rejection and near-destitution before he crashed through to Oscar success. This video gives some great […]

Surviving the Desert of Doubt


I won’t bore you with how many times in my life I’ve failed to realise my potential (or was it that I actually realised its limits?).You’ve probably got the idea I’m hammering. It hasn’t all been doom and gloom; I’ve achieved in other areas and have enough degrees and professional qualifications to immodestly festoon an […]