Success – An Overview of How to Succeed


It is a valuable chance to discover if you have what it takes or whether you should fall into line at the rear of the herd. Surprisingly few have enough daring to take that plunge.

Sure you might fail, but the real issue is whether you’ll turn around and have another go. We have all learned through life that success often only comes after repeated attempts.

Bill Gates failed in his first business venture with his Traff-O-Data venture. Of course, he then went onto to enjoy far more than a modicum of success in his next attempt.

Amazing perseverance was required to bring Rocky to production and yet it went onto to be one of the most successful movies in history – great lessons for us all.

Being a Contender

Something deep within the human psyche was expressed in Marlon Brando’s famous lines from On the Waterfront, “I could have been a contender… “. Here’s some tips on how you can have a ’shot at the title’ – and make success happen!

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Embracing Failure

Bill Gates failed in his first business while Sylvester Stallone endured years of rejection and near-destitution before his determination resulted in Oscar success. Some thoughts on the endurance and persistence required if you are to taste sweet success.

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Business Survival Rates

Recent statistic indicate there may be improvements in the survival rates for new businesses, but what factors make the difference between those who prosper and those who perish?

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