Surviving the Desert of Doubt

desert of doubtI won’t bore you with how many times in my life I’ve failed to realise my potential (or was it that I actually realised its limits?).You’ve probably got the idea I’m hammering.

It hasn’t all been doom and gloom; I’ve achieved in other areas and have enough degrees and professional qualifications to immodestly festoon an otherwise drab office wall.

Why did I achieve in some areas and fail in others? What were the crucial ingredients in either outcome? I could gaze at my navel for hours…

The outcome of my self analysis is that academic success is so much easier. Once you enrol, the spoon feeding begins. Exams and assignment deadlines then force you to deliver.

In stark contrast, trudging alone through the desert of doubt with a head full of ideas is no fun. It takes perseverance and determination. Importantly, it begins with a first step… followed by another.

The old Elephant Eating analogy applies. The only way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time.

My problem is that I often try to swallow large chinks of any project right at the beginning and the resultant digestion eventually kills off my enthusiasm.

Photo by Hamed Saber
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About Mark Toohey

Mark Toohey is an experienced commercial lawyer who has worked with both major law firms and as general counsel in the media, telecommunications, software and IT industries. He has been a lawyer, company director, marketing director, company secretary and entrepreneur. Mark's commercial experience extends way beyond the theoretical. He has helped launch a number of start-up businesses and his hands on experience was gained from negotiating and documenting deals for a wide variety of business initiatives.