Why Protect Intellectual Property?

intellectual property The long term benefits from protecting your intellectual property rights are undeniable. However, until you get a good grasp on how you can protect a business name and your other intellectual property protection, it can all seem too hard.

While protecting your intellectual property is not easy and there is cost involved, valuable long term benefits will result if the protection is locked in.

I’ve written a few articles to help you understand how to protect intellectual property rights and how securing these right may benefit your business.

We all know a successful brand name can be worth millions and we’ve all read about the lengths some companies go to protect their name from being misused or stolen.

So, let’s start with the basics and look at the four ways you can protect your trading name. Which method should you use or should you use all of them?

If you are an online business or any business that wishes to have a web presence then a domain name is crucial. We all know a memorable domain name is invaluable.

Rock.com was once purchased for around $10 million. Despite that hefty price, nothing much ever seems to have been done with it.

Regardless, any memorable four-letter name like that has serious commercial potential and will probably command a hefty price tag.

If you have any sort of online business then your very survival may depend on the quality of the domain name you use and how much traffic you can draw to the site.

There are also traps for the unwary. It would be a disaster to build up a strong domain name only to be prevented from using it because you failed to secure a trade mark related to that name.

Given the clear importance of protecting your name and intellectual property protection overall, I’ve put together the following tips.

  1. Four Ways to Protect Your Trading Name
  2. A Beginner’s Guide to Domain Name Issues
  3. The Benefits of Trade Mark Registration
  4. Patent Assignment Tips
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